Magic & Mysteries of Mexico

This book saw the light after no less than 35 years of research. Published in 1932 the efforts of Spence are still of actual value for anyone who wants to get a solid grip on this selected body of secrets. Whether you are inspired by Carlos Castaneda, Mexican magic, witchcraft, mythology or Mayan astrology, this volume may be the missing manual you’ve always been looking for.


Spirit Beings in European Folklore 1

Compendium 1: 292 descriptions – Ireland, England, Wales, Cornwall, Scotland, Isle of Man, Orkney’s, Hebrides, Faeroe, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark


Spirit Beings in European Folklore 2

Compendium 2: 228 descriptions – Germany, Austria, Alpine regions, Switzerland, Netherlands, Flanders, Luxembourg, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Jewish influences


Spirit Beings in European Folklore 3

Compendium 3: 255 descriptions – Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Poland, Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Czechia, Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia, Albania, Georgia, Turkish regions, Roma-culture


Spirit Beings in European Folklore 4

Compendium 4: 270 descriptions – France, Brittany, Wallonia, Portugal, Italy, South Tyrol, Malta, Greece, Spain – Basque Country, Asturias, Catalonia, Cantabria, Galicia, Valencia