VAMzzz Publishing

VAMzzz Publishing preserves occult books of historical value. We create new and revised editions of books in the categories Magic & Witchcraft, Secret Rites & Societies, Demonology, Celtic & Mythology and Astrology.

These books are written by either highly qualified academic researchers, or experts in a special field of esoteric knowledge, craft or practice. In most of our revised titles we offer a Post Scriptum, additional information about the author and/or subject.

Our reproductions of classic texts differ from others in two important ways. Firstly, we have chosen not to rely on OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology, as we believe that this often results in poor quality books that are littered with typos and other errors. Secondly, in cases where the original text contains images, such as portraits, maps, or sketches, we have taken great care to preserve the quality of these illustrations, ensuring that they accurately reflect the original artefact. By preserving and sharing these works, we can gain a deeper understanding of our cultural heritage and the rich history of human thought and creativity that has come before us.

VAMzzz Publishing is a shared passion of Sylvia Carrilho and Benjamin Adamah, located in the inner city of old Amsterdam, the Netherlands.


Occult Blog

Apart from our work as a publisher, we offer FREE articles on a wide variety of occult subjects, including Afro-American magic, folklore and New Astrology. We invite you to visit our blog.