The Meaning of The 360 zodiacal degrees
The Meaning of The 360 zodiacal degrees
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The Meaning Of The 360 Zodiacal Degrees

The meaning or symbolism of the 360 zodiacal degrees as given by Charubel, La Volasfera / Sepharial and Isidore Kozminsky in one volume.

The Meaning of the 360 Zodiacal Degrees serves as a comprehensive compilation, bringing together the complete zodiac degree interpretations of Charubel, La Volasfera / Sepharial, and Isidore Kozminsky. The zodiacal degrees, often considered as the building blocks of astrological interpretation, have intrigued mystics, astrologers, and scholars throughout history. These degrees, each representing a specific point along the zodiacal circle, are believed to carry unique symbolic meanings that influence personality traits, life events, and spiritual growth. Over the centuries, various astrologers and writers have attempted to index and unravel the profound meanings embedded in these degrees. The quest to unravel the intricate meanings embedded in the 360 degrees of the zodiac has been an ongoing exploration since Ptolemy, who connected them to specific planetary influences. Renaissance astrologer Johannes Engel (Angelus) published about the meaning of the decans and the separate degrees. In the late 19th century the famous interpretations of the medium Charubel were published, followed by Sepharial’s translation of the degree symbolism by La Volasfera. Isidore Kozminsky introduced his distinct interpretations in 1917.  
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Isidore Kozminsky,

La Volasfera / Sepharial