Chaldean Magic

Chaldean Magic

The essentials of magic in Chaldea are presented within the context of comparison or contrast to Egyptian, Median, Turanian, Finno-Tartarian and Akkadian magic, mythologies, religion and speech. Interesting is the Chaldean demonology, with its incubus, succubus, vampire, nightmare and many Elemental spirits, most of them coalesced with the primal powers of nature.  Chaldean Magic dwells on the threshold of predating sjamanistic lore and the later systemization of the occult. This makes the work of Lenormant an invaluable and fascinating source for both the academic and the modern occultist.


Magic & Mysteries of Mexico

This book saw the light after no less than 35 years of research. Published in 1932 the efforts of Spence are still of actual value for anyone who wants to get a solid grip on this selected body of secrets. Whether you are inspired by Carlos Castaneda, Mexican magic, witchcraft, mythology or Mayan astrology, this volume may be the missing manual you’ve always been looking for.

Magic and Magical Fetish

Magic and Magical Fetish

Magic and Magical Fetish
gives a very practical and theoretical insight of the universal principles of magic, categorized in different techniques. Valuable for both anthropologists, Wiccans and occultists. The book deals mainly with primitive, or folk magic, and is one of the very few works ever published which describes wind making and rain making by magical means.

Magus Leer & Ritueel

MAGUS Leer & Ritueel

Magie is een beladen term. Wat is magie eigenlijk? Werkt magie? Als het werkt, hoe werkt het dan? Wat is de echte geschiedenis en essentie van de Europese hekserij, nog voor de opkomst van de Wicca? MAGUS – Leer en Ritueel opent de toegangspoorten van twee overlappende werelden, die al duizenden jaren parallel aan de alledaagse werkelijkheid bestaan. Niches in onze realiteit, die veroordeeld en vooral niet begrepen werden.

Numbers – Their Occult Power and Mystic Virtues


This book deals with Pythagorean number divisions, explains 3 different kinds of Kabbalistic numerology, and reveals the hidden logic and symbolism of the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13. This is followed by an explanation of Hindu numbers and a long row of numbers between 14 and 25920. Special symbolisms are included, like the link between numbers and planets, and numbers in relation to the Apocalypse.