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Vymaanika Shaastra
Maharishi Bharadwaaja

Vymaanika Shaastra, the Science of Aeronautics Just like the Nazi UFO’s, the Vedic flying machines dwell somewhere in the realms between apocryphal technology and the occult. The work Vymaanika Shaastra or Vymaanika Shastra been ascribed to the sage Maharshi Bharadwaja. Maharshi Bharadwaja is known to be a scholar both in science, philosophy, cosmology and warfare.…

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Sak Yant tattoos or Magic tattoos

Sak Yant tattoo is common in Southeast Asia and is distinct for its monochromic and geometric patterns, passages from religious classics, and animal images. Only Sak Yant masters can perform this tattoo. They mix snake venom, herbs and cigarette ash into the ink they use. However less romantic ink recipes are also mentioned as well…
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Het Boze Oog

Het boze oog – is dat nou niets anders dan dom bijgeloof of is er toch iets meer aan de hand? Met zijn 526 pagina’s aan piepkleine lettertjes en meters voetnoten, waar je ook voor je veertigste al een loep bij nodig hebt, zag ‘Die Zauberkraft des Auges und das Berufen’ van Dr S. Seligmann…
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Caliban and the Witch: Women, the Body and Primitive Accumulation
Silvia Federici

CALIBAN AND THE WITCH is a history of the body in the transition to capitalism. Moving from the peasant revolts of the late Middle Ages to the witch-hunts and the rise of mechanical philosophy, Federici investigates the capitalist rationalization of social reproduction. She shows how the battle against the rebel body and the conflict between…

"A scold is paraded through the community wearing the 'bridle', an iron contraption used to punish women with a sharp tongue. Significantly, a similar device was used by European slavetraders in Africa to subdue their captives and carry them to their ships." (Caliban and the Witch)
Preview of a book in the making: Plant Lore, Legends & Lyrics by Richard Folkard
"In the sixth century A.D., Theodora, a public courtesan whose name was a byword in Byzantium, became first the mistress and then the wife of the Roman Emperor Justinian. Even as an Empress she did not abandon her profligate ways. She had experienced and invited every possible variety of erotic practice. She went out with bands of youths and spent the night in their riotous company. Her erotic frenzies drove her to public exhibitionism. Often she had appeared in the theatre in puris naturalibus. Yet her personal beauty made the Emperor her blind slave, while her lusts extended in every direction.

'Love Potions through the Ages - A Study of Amatory Devices and Mores', by Harry E. Wedeck
(book in the making)

Artwork: Benjamin Constant
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The Imp or the familiar of the witches in Matthew Hopkins’ The Discovery of Witches

The imp or familiar (spirit) is wat modern magic termes a servitor, artificial elemental or Elementar. The last being a specially created elemental according to a technique – using the Elements Fire, Air, Water and Earth – described by Franz Bardon in his work Der Weg zum wahren Adepten. A servitor –  by the old…
Secret Rites & Societies
Abakua – the backgrounds of Cuba’s secret fraternity

Abakua (Abakuá) or Abakwa, sometimes called Ñáñigo, is an Afro-Cuban men’s initiatory fraternity or secret society, which originated from centuries old fraternal associations in the Cross River region of southeastern Nigeria and southwestern Cameroon, where the organization was known as the Leopard Society. (Not to be confused with the north eastern Congolese Leopard Men guerrilla…