Alchemy and Pharmacy

Alchemy and Pharmacy is still one of the more accessible books on the mysterious art of alchemy. The result is a book that takes you on a fascinating journey, starting with the discovery of medicine in Ancient Egypt, via Greece and Rome to the legendary Merlin, Albertus Magnus, Raymond Lulli, Roger Bacon, Cornelius Agrippa, Dr. Dee and alchemical symbols.


Planetary Herbology: An Integration of Western Herbs into the Traditional Chinese and Ayurvedis Systems

A major work integrating the herbal traditions of the East with those of the West by the bestselling author of The Way of Herbs. This practical handbook and reference guide is a landmark publication in this field. For unprecedented usefulness in practical applications, the author provides a comprehensive listing of the more than 400 medicinal herbs available in the west, classified according to their chemical constituents, properties and actions, indicated uses and suggested dosages.