Alchemy and Pharmacy

Alchemy and Pharmacy is still one of the more accessible books on the mysterious art of alchemy. The result is a book that takes you on a fascinating journey, starting with the discovery of medicine in Ancient Egypt, via Greece and Rome to the legendary Merlin, Albertus Magnus, Raymond Lulli, Roger Bacon, Cornelius Agrippa, Dr. Dee and alchemical symbols.


Giants and Dwarfs

Discover the world of Giants and Dwarfs in this revised and first illustrated edition of the classic 1868 book by Edward J. Wood. This fascinating and rare collection of accounts brings to life both mythical and many historical figures, including the infamous Gogmagog and Polyphemus. Explore the chapter entitled “Bible Dwarfs” featuring the biblical hybrid giants known as the Nephilim, as well as forgotten legends and eyewitness accounts of famous dwarfs and giants. From famous figures in lore to the more obscure, and even strange mummified bodies, this book offers a glimpse into an intriguing and often misunderstood world. Divided into 16 chapters, an appendix, and featuring 30 historical illustrations, this revised edition is both compelling and essential for anyone interested in exploring this unique chapter of human history.


Là Bas

The story of Là-Bas concerns the novelist Durtal who is disgusted by the emptiness and vulgarity of the modern world. He attempts to escape it by studying medieval topics and plans to write a biography about the 15th century murderer and devil-worshipper Gilles de Rais. Through his contacts in Paris with Dr. Johannes, (modelled after Joseph-Antoine Boullan, a French Roman Catholic priest accused of Satanism), Durtal discovers that Satanism is not a thing of the past, but alive and kicking in turn of the century France. He embarks on an investigation of the occult underworld with the help of his lover Madame Chantelouve. The novel climaxes with a description of a black mass.

the bible of bibles

The Bible of Bibles

The Bible of Bibles is a partial philosophical, social and historical treatment on the nature God and the Bible and it’s many “predecessors”, like the sacred books of India and China. Kersey Graves deals with the common ground from which these holy books arose.


The Biography of SATAN

Graves provides a lot of historical data. Giving us insight in the origins of the many false assumptions the Christian faith build its’ empire on. He shows that, mythologically, the God of the Old Testament and the Devil of the New Testament were “originally twin brothers known by the same titles”, and that this God and this Devil were Chaldean sun-gods.


The Great Sea-Serpent

Oudemans relied on nearly 200 eyewitness accounts and many publications, and named the creature Megophias Megophias in Latin, in accordance with scientific convention. However, Oudemans’ colleagues did not approve of his work on sea monsters, as they believed such creatures could not exist. Despite this, his work gained recognition posthumously. In the 1950s, Belgian biologist Bernard Heuvelmans rediscovered Oudemans’ work and found in his sea-serpent the missing link in cryptozoology.

This new revised edition features a clear distinction between Oudemans’ ongoing text and the many included eyewitness accounts, as well as all-original images that have been cleaned up for clarity. Additionally, readers will find a Post Scriptum containing biographical information about the author and – as a bonus – the first English translation of Oudemans’ original 1934 Dutch-language essay on the Loch Ness Monster.

The History of the Devils of Loudun

The History of the Devils of Loudun

With The History of the Devils of Loudun, VAMzzz Publishing presents a revised edition of the – three volumes in one – original account of this historic case of mass possession. Seventeen Ursuline Nuns were taken over by demons and went into a sexual and blasphemous state of hysteria for years. The work also describes the trial of a womanizing local priest named Father Urbain Grandier, who was accused of summoning these demons by ‘throwing a bunch of roses over the convent wall’.


The House of Souls

The House of Souls is a collection of four stories: A Fragment of Life, The White People, The Great God Pan and The Inmost Light. These masterpieces of horror and mystery by Arthur Machen were first collectively published in 1906.

The World’s Sixteen Crucified Saviors

The World’s Sixteen Crucified Saviors

In this book American writer Kersey Graves shows that many demigods all over the world, share similar stories, traits or quotes with Jesus. The similarity between the story of Christ and his many predecessors gave rise to what is now called the Christ myth theory. This theory holds the view that the story of Jesus is either a piece of mythology, or, if Christ really existed, he had probably nothing to do with the founding of Christianity. (Complete works 2)

vymaanika shaastra

Vymaanika Shaastra

Just like the Nazi UFO’s, the Vedic flying machines dwell somewhere in the realms between apocryphal technology and the occult. The work Vymaanika Shaastra has been ascribed to the sage Maharishi Bharadwaja, who is known to be a scholar both in science, philosophy, cosmology and warfare.