Alchemy and Pharmacy

Alchemy and Pharmacy is still one of the more accessible books on the mysterious art of alchemy. The result is a book that takes you on a fascinating journey, starting with the discovery of medicine in Ancient Egypt, via Greece and Rome to the legendary Merlin, Albertus Magnus, Raymond Lulli, Roger Bacon, Cornelius Agrippa, Dr. Dee and alchemical symbols.

Amazons cover


The Amazons
(1910) by Guy Cadogan Rothery (1863-1940) and Religious Cults Associated with the Amazons (1912) by Prof. Florence Mary Bennett (1880–1954) are still two of the very few books ever published on these legendary female warriors. The world of the Amazons lies scattered between legend and historical fact. Greek writings give many details about the geography, history and anthropology of the Amazon nation and the Athenians in particular were most insistent about the historical reality of a nation consisting only of women warriors.



Anansi is both a god, spirit and African folktale character. He often takes the shape of a spider and is considered to be the spirit of all knowledge of stories. He is also one of the most important characters of West African and Caribbean folklore. The Anansi tales originate from the Ashanti people of present-day Ghana. The Jamaican versions of these stories are the most well preserved, because Jamaica had the largest concentration of Asante as slaves in the Americas, and their most complete compilation is found in Anansi, Jamaican stories of the Spider God.


is focused on Diana or Tana, her daughter Aradia and Lucifer. This wonderful book describes the creation according to Italian witch-lore. We also read about the witch-meeting or sabbath (treguenda) and it contains many original magical recipes, like spells for love and good fortune. Diana is further connected to the Moon and the fairy world.



De Asteroïden-Gids is het eerste grote astrologische naslagwerk ter wereld dat de duidingen in de horoscoop behandelt van 15 categorieën nieuwkomers in de astrologie. Dit maakt verbluffend trefzekere duidingen mogelijk, die ook in psychologische diepgang en tijdgeestactualiteit een revolutie ontketenen.

Centaurs, Damocloids & Scattered Disc Objects

Challenging the astrological status quo, this book discusses the fascinating astrological significance of no less than 85 Centaurs and Centaur related asteroids like Scattered Disc Objects (SDOs) & Detached Objects, Damocloids, retrograde Asteroids and (ex-) Comets. Astronomy positions these unstable objects with their unusual orbits at the forefront of the evolutionary shifts in our Solar System. Analogue with this astronomical status, the astrological newcomers described in this book are vital for a true understanding of out-of-the-box thinking people, as well as complex Zeitgeist-issues and actual mundane phenomena. Download media-kit.

Chaldean Magic

Chaldean Magic

The essentials of magic in Chaldea are presented within the context of comparison or contrast to Egyptian, Median, Turanian, Finno-Tartarian and Akkadian magic, mythologies, religion and speech. Interesting is the Chaldean demonology, with its incubus, succubus, vampire, nightmare and many Elemental spirits, most of them coalesced with the primal powers of nature.  Chaldean Magic dwells on the threshold of predating sjamanistic lore and the later systemization of the occult. This makes the work of Lenormant an invaluable and fascinating source for both the academic and the modern occultist.

Complementaire astrologie

Complementaire Astrologie

Ongetwijfeld heb je wel eens iets gelezen over het zodiakteken waaronder je geboren bent. Wat je niet mag ontgaan is dat je veel problemen, vertraging, tegenwerkingen en blokkades in je leven, simpelweg kunt voorkomen door te snappen waar het teken, dat precies tegenover dat van je Zon staat, over gaat.

Demonology and Devil-Lore 1

Demonology and Devil-Lore 1

Within the demonology scope, this rare and mostly forgotten, almost 1000 pages thick masterpiece, remains unsurpassed in quality and completeness. Even in the 21st century the works offer fascinating missing links for both the academic and student of occult traditions. Moncure Daniel Conway divides Volume 1 in three parts and deals mainly with the evolution and thematic classification of ex-gods, demons and nature creatures.

Demonology and Devil-Lore 2

Demonology and Devil Lore 1 & 2,
by Moncure Daniel Conway, were both published in 1897. Within the demonology scope, this rare and mostly forgotten, almost 1000 pages thick masterpiece, remains unsurpassed in quality and completeness. Even in the 21st century the works offer fascinating missing links for both the academic and student of occult traditions.

Devil-worship in France

In Devil-Worship in France, Waite attempts to discern what is genuine from what is fake in the evidence of 19th century Satanism. To get the answers he spends a great deal of time investigating the French Masonic echelon, debunking a “conspiracy of falsehood” and determining what should be understood by Satanism and what not.

Etruscan Magic & Occult Remedies

Etruscan Magic & Occult Remedies
by Charles Godfrey Leland was first published as Etruscan Roman Remains in Popular Tradition, in 1892. Part One of the book offers a complete and detailed insight in the Etruscan and Roman rooted pantheon of the Tuscan Streghe (witches). Part Two describes many of their spells, incantations, sorcery and several lost divination methods.

Fairy Mythology 1

Fairy Mythology 1

The term “Fairy” covers all kinds of nature spirits and Elementals all over the world. Not just the tiny sugar sweet creatures hovering around flowers. In its revised edition, this massive work of over 800 pages, is republished in two volumes to meet modern reading standards. In volume 1 the origins of the term Fairy are traced and oriental and medieval romance, Eddas and Sagas, are examined before we explore Fairy-species as Elle-maids, Trolls, Nisses, Elves, Dwarfs, Necks, Mermaids, Nixes, Heinzelmänchen, Watermen or Wassermänchen, Hödeken, Changeling, Wild women and Little people.

Fairy Mythology 2

Fairy Mythology 2

Volume 2 deals with Great Britain, the Scottish Highlands and Lowlands, England, Wales, the Isle of Man, Brittany, France, Greece, Italy, Spain, stories of the Finns and Slavonic people and some Jewish and African Fairy-lore. We encounter Fairies in many varieties, Pixies, Brownies, Leprechauns, Chancelings, the Boggard, Puck, the Phynodderee, Kobold, Urisk, Korrigen, the Korred, Tylwyth Teg and more. Just like volume 1, volume 2 displays a precious collection of ancient folklore directly based on the realm of the hidden Elemental nature.

Incubi and Succubi or Demoniality | Sinistrari of Ameno edition 2017

Incubi and Succubi or Demoniality

The incubus and succubus are the same creature. The incubus is its male shape, seducing women. The succubus or succuba visits men, causing nightly pollutions (wet dreams). The intercourse with these astral visitors was called demoniality. A fascinating read for occultist, wiccans, micro-historians, sexologists and those interested in folklore or parapsychology.

Là Bas

The story of Là-Bas concerns the novelist Durtal who is disgusted by the emptiness and vulgarity of the modern world. He attempts to escape it by studying medieval topics and plans to write a biography about the 15th century murderer and devil-worshipper Gilles de Rais. Through his contacts in Paris with Dr. Johannes, (modelled after Joseph-Antoine Boullan, a French Roman Catholic priest accused of Satanism), Durtal discovers that Satanism is not a thing of the past, but alive and kicking in turn of the century France. He embarks on an investigation of the occult underworld with the help of his lover Madame Chantelouve. The novel climaxes with a description of a black mass.



Lupercalia (derived from lupus: wolf) was the name of a very ancient, pre Roman pastoral, held in the city of Rome, each year, on February 15, to avert evil spirits and purify the city, releasing health, productivity and fertility. The festival was also known as Februa or Februatus and gave its name to the goddess Juno Februa(ta) and the month February.

Magic and Magical Fetish

Magic and Magical Fetish

Magic and Magical Fetish
gives a very practical and theoretical insight of the universal principles of magic, categorized in different techniques. Valuable for both anthropologists, Wiccans and occultists. The book deals mainly with primitive, or folk magic, and is one of the very few works ever published which describes wind making and rain making by magical means.

Magus Leer & Ritueel

MAGUS Leer & Ritueel

Magie is een beladen term. Wat is magie eigenlijk? Werkt magie? Als het werkt, hoe werkt het dan? Wat is de echte geschiedenis en essentie van de Europese hekserij, nog voor de opkomst van de Wicca? MAGUS – Leer en Ritueel opent de toegangspoorten van twee overlappende werelden, die al duizenden jaren parallel aan de alledaagse werkelijkheid bestaan. Niches in onze realiteit, die veroordeeld en vooral niet begrepen werden.


This book was composed by a Swiss freemason – an insider and historian in 1869 – who was posthumously banned by the Nazis. Yet despite this time span, in our days, it is more nurturing for the critical reader than ever before. Otto Henne am Rhyn takes you on a journey, back to the Mystery cults of ancient Egypt, Babylon and Greece, passes the Essenes, Orphics, Templars, the secret medieval tribunals and stone masons. A must read for everyone who is curious about the facts behind the disinformation-hysteria, or who wants to explore the roots and history of still existing “secret” societies.

Numbers – Their Occult Power and Mystic Virtues


This book deals with Pythagorean number divisions, explains 3 different kinds of Kabbalistic numerology, and reveals the hidden logic and symbolism of the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13. This is followed by an explanation of Hindu numbers and a long row of numbers between 14 and 25920. Special symbolisms are included, like the link between numbers and planets, and numbers in relation to the Apocalypse.

Ophiolatreia cover


This book is one of the most substantial and complete books written on this subject. In several voluminous works, Jennings developed the theory that the origin of all religion is to be sought in phallic worship of the Sun and fire, which he properly called “phallism.” Ophiolatreia is just one of its expressions. This collectors item describes the rites and mysteries connected with the origin of ophiolatreia and its rise and development in many parts of the world. The relation between snake worship, raw creation force and sexual energy includes Jennings analyses of Bacchic orgies and rites related to Saturn, Zoroaster, Abaddon, Dionysus and Osiris.

Practical Psychomancy & Crystal Gazing

Practical Psychomancy & Crystal Gazing by New Thought pioneer William Walker Atkinson deals technically with a clairvoyance technique using the crystal ball, once a popular instrument of Gypsy fortune tellers. Atkinson explains the technique within the framework of psychomancy, in which the crystal ball (just like the black mirror) functions as the “TV screen” of an astral tube. An astral tube is in essence a thought form or servitor that serves as an intermediary between the earthly and the astral world.

Religion and Lust | investigating the sexual origins of religious feeling

Religion and Lust

In Religion and Lust author James Weir Jr. (1856–1906), investigates the origins of religious feeling, the once world wide spread fertility worship and the physical correlation of religious emotion and sexual desire. A major part of the work is filled with a colourful collection of religious, or semi-religious, sexual rites, once practiced all over the globe, connecting the most “primitive” tribe to the most “civilized” nations. Some of them are really bizarre, like an extremely exhausting Pueblo masturbation-ritual, or the poring of wine over the phallus of a saint in France to make a medicine against barrenness.


(the English translation of La Sorcière) by Jules Michelet is still one of the most vivid, dark and confronting studies on witchcraft ever produced. Starting in the 13th century the book moves on towards belladonna, the Sabbath and pacts with Satan, into the hells of the Burning Times – social contexts, church intrigues and mass hysteria always included. Via Basque witches, the Black Masses and demoniacal possessions we enter the satanic decadence of 17th century France, and finally the end of the witch burning era in 18th century, with the trial of Charlotte Cadière.

Spiritual Fetichism

This book was written by Robert Hamill Nassau, an American Presbyterian missionary, within a Christian scope and prejudice concerning West African culture and spirituality, which were typical for the 19th and early 20th century. However, despite a nowadays anachronist and disturbing perspective, the book has remained most valuable for students of the occult, especially those interested in demonology, voodoo, hoodoo and its roots, African magick and religion, witchcraft, the classes of African spirits, and of course the spiritual and magickal use of a fetish.

Taboo, Magic, Spirits

In Ancient Rome ‘Mana’ was the term used for a mysterious force, which could be helpful or harmful. When harmful it was called Taboo. Just like the Chinese Qi, Mana could empower both the positive and the negative. This study of Eli Edward Burriss offers a still unique insight into the magical elements, beliefs, methods and rites of Rome in ancient days.

Testament of SOLOMON

Testament of Solomon
could be the oldest of all classical grimoires. The work is one of the so called Pseudepigrapha and should therefore be dated somewhere before the middle of the first century AD, according to the latest research. The book was written in Greek, but most likely the Greek version is a translation of an older version in Hebrew. Testament of Solomon sums up a list of demonic decan rulers of the Zodiac and provides the method or the invoked angel they can be countered by. This relation between decans and demons or their angelic counterforce is emphasized.

The Banshee

The banshee is a mysterious female spirit in Irish folklore, who heralds the death of a family member, usually by shrieking or keening. The screeching sound is described as somewhere between the wail of a woman and the moan of an owl, a low singing or piercing loud and able to break glass. The banshee appears as an old hag or beautiful lady, but may also appear in a variety of other forms, such as that of a crow, stoat, hare and weasel – animals associated in Ireland with witchcraft.

the bible of bibles

The Bible of Bibles

The Bible of Bibles
is a partial philosophical, social and historical treatment on the nature God and the Bible and it’s many “predecessors”, like the sacred books of India and China. Kersey Graves deals with the common ground from which these holy books arose.

The Biography of SATAN

Graves provides a lot of historical data. Giving us insight in the origins of the many false assumptions the Christian faith build its’ empire on. He shows that, mythologically, the God of the Old Testament and the Devil of the New Testament were “originally twin brothers known by the same titles”, and that this God and this Devil were Chaldean sun-gods.

The Book of Halloween

The Book of Halloween

The origins of Halloween are traced back to sun worship, Celtic religion, the Pomona festival and the Christian All Saints Day. Links are given with Teutonic witchcraft and Walpurgis Night. Special Halloween omens are discussed as well as the different ways this holiday was celebrated in Ireland, England and Man, Brittany and France, Scotland and the Hebrides, Wales and America.

Eleusinian and Bacchic Mysteries | Thomas Taylor - revised edition 2017

The Eleusinian and Bacchic Mysteries

The Eleusinian and Bacchic Mysteries focus on life, death and rebirth in the present, identical with the living nature, which was regarded as the converging of past and future. In this context the mystae, or initiates, learned the aporrheta, or secret meaning of the rites, and were thenceforth denominated ephori, or epoptæ (seers). Sacred orgies were celebrated on every fifth year; and began on the 15th of the month Boëdromian or September.

The History of the Devils of Loudun

The History of the Devils of Loudun

With The History of the Devils of Loudun, VAMzzz Publishing presents a revised edition of the – three volumes in one – original account of this historic case of mass possession. Seventeen Ursuline Nuns were taken over by demons and went into a sexual and blasphemous state of hysteria for years. The work also describes the trial of a womanizing local priest named Father Urbain Grandier, who was accused of summoning these demons by ‘throwing a bunch of roses over the convent wall’.

The House of Souls

The House of Souls is a collection of four stories: A Fragment of Life, The White People, The Great God Pan and The Inmost Light. These masterpieces of horror and mystery by Arthur Machen were first collectively published in 1906.

The Witches of New York | Q. K. Philander Doesticks P.B.

The Witches of New York

The Witches of New York
portraits a series of psychics, astrologers, and fortunetellers operating within 19th century New York City, written from the perspective of the popular American humourist Doesticks. The author went from one New York City “witch” (psychic, astrologer, clairvoyant, etc.) to another, to prove how inaccurate they were in their predictions.

The World’s Sixteen Crucified Saviors

The World’s Sixteen Crucified Saviors

In this book American writer Kersey Graves shows that many demigods all over the world, share similar stories, traits or quotes with Jesus. The similarity between the story of Christ and his many predecessors gave rise to what is now called the Christ myth theory. This theory holds the view that the story of Jesus is either a piece of mythology, or, if Christ really existed, he had probably nothing to do with the founding of Christianity. (Complete works 2)

Thirty Years Among the Dead

Carl Wickland (Wiklund) was a Swedish born, professional American psychiatrist who turned away from conventional medical psychology and became convinced that many psychiatric illnesses were the result of the influence of the obsessive spirits of the dead. With the help of his wife and medium Anna W. Anderson, Wickland communicated with the spirits. These intriguing 83 sessions make up the bulk of the book Thirty Years Among the Dead.



In this rare and unique book Robert Brown Junior (1844-1912) places the unicorn-phenomena in a context of comparative mythology, while hypothesizing on ancient astrological symbolism. Brown believes the unicorn to be a lunar symbol, and draws on mythology from a wide range of sources all over the world to build his case. He discusses the heraldic use of the unicorn, relates the creature to ancient goddesses like Astarte, Hecate en the Gorgon Medusa, and provides the reader with lost esoteric Moon-lore.


Anders dan het Rechter Pad, waartoe alle grote religies behoren, zoekt het Linker Pad (vamachara) geen hemel of transcendentie om aan dualisme te ontsnappen, maar het herstel van de synergie tussen yin en yang, God en Godin, vrouwelijke en mannelijke energieën. Via opwekking van het slangenvuur wordt vervolgens naar cidrupini gestreefd – een opgaan in de vreugde van de natuur en mystieke dans van het leven zelf. Het goddelijke wordt niet verwacht maar geleefd.