Practical Psychomancy & Crystal Gazing

Practical Psychomancy & Crystal Gazing by New Thought pioneer William Walker Atkinson deals technically with a clairvoyance technique using the crystal ball, once a popular instrument of Gypsy fortune tellers. Atkinson explains the technique within the framework of psychomancy, in which the crystal ball (just like the black mirror) functions as the “TV screen” of an astral tube. An astral tube is in essence a thought form or servitor that serves as an intermediary between the earthly and the astral world.


Thirty Years Among the Dead

Carl Wickland (Wiklund) was a Swedish born, professional American psychiatrist who turned away from conventional medical psychology and became convinced that many psychiatric illnesses were the result of the influence of the obsessive spirits of the dead. With the help of his wife and medium Anna W. Anderson, Wickland communicated with the spirits. These intriguing 83 sessions make up the bulk of the book Thirty Years Among the Dead.


Vampires & Vampirism

Vampires and Vampirism is one of the very few books ever written with a scientific approach to the subject of vampires and vampirism. Wright explores the vampire phenomena in different parts of the world and in different times in our history, starting with ancient Babylonia, Assyria and Greece. This special revised VAMzzz Publishing edition is completed with a Post Scriptum with biographical information about the writer and an article on the vampire in Russia and Slavonic countries based on Muscovite folk-lore by W. R. S. Ralston, M.A.



The core view of paranormal investigator Elliott O’Donnell, regarding the wer(e)wolf, was that he assumed a serious occult phenomenon, rather than a folkloric fantasy, that could easily be dismissed by science. Within this scope Werwolves (1914) is as pioneering as the book is entertaining. It combines O’Donnell’s – ahead of his time – linking of the werewolf to shamanism, the etheric double and astral projection with the traditional dark romantic aura that hangs around the subject. His conclusion, that the werewolf was most likely linked to psychic projection skills, was re-examined by Claude Lecouteux in 1992 in his Witches, Werewolves and Fairies.