De Asteroïden-Gids is het eerste grote astrologische naslagwerk ter wereld dat de duidingen in de horoscoop behandelt van 15 categorieën nieuwkomers in de astrologie. Dit maakt verbluffend trefzekere duidingen mogelijk, die ook in psychologische diepgang en tijdgeestactualiteit een revolutie ontketenen.


Centaurs, Damocloids & Scattered Disc Objects

Challenging the astrological status quo, this book discusses the fascinating astrological significance of no less than 85 Centaurs and Centaur related asteroids like Scattered Disc Objects (SDOs) & Detached Objects, Damocloids, retrograde Asteroids and (ex-) Comets. Astronomy positions these unstable objects with their unusual orbits at the forefront of the evolutionary shifts in our Solar System. Analogue with this astronomical status, the astrological newcomers described in this book are vital for a true understanding of out-of-the-box thinking people, as well as complex Zeitgeist-issues and actual mundane phenomena. Download media-kit.

Complementaire astrologie

Complementaire Astrologie

Ongetwijfeld heb je wel eens iets gelezen over het zodiakteken waaronder je geboren bent. Wat je niet mag ontgaan is dat je veel problemen, vertraging, tegenwerkingen en blokkades in je leven, simpelweg kunt voorkomen door te snappen waar het teken, dat precies tegenover dat van je Zon staat, over gaat.


Personal Horoscope & Astrological Forecast

On the basis of your birth data (date, time, place) a Birth Chart or Personal Horoscope is calculated and interpreted (approx 15-17 pages). In addition an Astrological Forecast for one year ahead is calculated, with over 100 pages of interpretation. This is a strictly personal calender which you can check on a daily base. Language: plain English. Produced with Janus, the #1 professional astro software. Delivered to you by email as PDF-files.

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Plutinos are asteroids and in some cases dwarf planet candidates, circling around in the inner Kuiper belt, in orbits comparable to the one of Pluto (Pluto-Charon). Astrological research points out that most Plutinos, like their godfather Pluto, exert a compelling force in both personal and mundane horoscopes. They are radical, transforming, confronting, they penetrate the darkness, the blur, or daily life patterns and have a Scorpio-like preference for what you might call soul-mining. They trigger the awareness of slumbering patterns in the depths of our souls and force us to face the truth.