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VAMzzz Publishing

VAMzzz Publishing creates new and revised editions of books in the categories Magic & Witchcraft, Secret Rites & Societies, Demonology, Celtic & Mythology and Astrology. These books are written by either highly qualified academic researchers, or experts in a special field of esoteric knowledge, craft or practice.

As a publisher, we deeply respect the writer of any book we choose and strive to work our own kind of magic in such a way that it would put a smile on the author’s faces, should they be watching us from heaven. In most of our books we offer 'Post Scriptum', aditional information about the author and/or the subject.

VAMzzz is a shared passion of Sylvia Carrilho and Benjamin Adamah, built with combined expertise and founded upon a mutual strong 'Lust for Life'.

VAMzzz Publishing is based in the centre of old Amsterdam, capital city of The Netherlands.

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